Saturday, September 24, 2005


Can Dolç in the heart of the Catalan country-side

'Can Dolç' an old-fashioned restaurant in the
heart of Catalonia's most admired Province:
Girona, in what locals know as 'el Empordanet'

Dear reading friend,

If you look for something both special and simple,
start now whatever motorized mobile thing could
bring you to this unimaginable charming place...

Your idea of what 'food and drink' really is will change
completely. And I have no shares in this simple, fine
and well-organized little restaurant of High Quality
combined with economic prices of dishes that only
the people of Catalonia can invent !

See you one day !


No ties and other bl...y nonsensicals are needed
but nobody will ever ask you to take your tie off!

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